Roger O. Whitworth

Business professional in Charlotte, North Carolina
Customer Experience

Roger has many years of experience providing exceptional customer service in several environments. Roger has received numerous awards and recognition for his performance and leadership.

Goal Oriented

Roger began his career as a commissioned sales associate in a leading department store chain. He quickly developed the skills needed to exceed goals. Through this dedication, Roger was able to self-pay all of his college tuition expenses.

Continuing Education

Roger has attended numerous training programs focused on leadership and people development. His experiences in an executive management program resulted in him being featured on the cover of his employer's magazine. Roger continuously seeks additional knowledge and regularly reads self-help books and industry trade publications.

Reliable Team Player

Roger is a reliable individual that believes in being in the game. Roger's attendance records and going above and beyond to insure the success of the team is always paramount.

Technology Adept

Roger has received training in and regularly uses many business software programs such as Microsoft Office, Dropbox and various utility software.



Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts